A Prayer for Parents of Small Children (no. 1)

A Prayer for Parents of Small Children (no. 1)

God, make me an instrument of thy patience.

Where there is sleep deprivation, provide long uninterrupted naps.

Where there is destruction, allow acceptance of messiness.

Where there is frustruation, let me take deep breaths.

Where there is terror, remind me life is fragile and never was under my control.

Where there is defeat, remind me tomorrow is a new day.

Where there is isolation, remind me of public libraries, Chick Fil-a playgrounds, zoos, and art museums with kid rooms.

Where there is exhaustion, remind me leaving my child under the care of another is okay and necessary for my sanity.

O, God, grant me patience not only with my toddler but with myself for I am an imperfect parent doing my best to raise a small person in a chaotic world. It’s okay to make mistakes. You are asking me to do my best to love my child and leave the rest to you.  Amen.