Exciting News: My blog featured on Scary Mommy and MPMK

Hey Y’all,

I’m excited to share two parenting websites that published my blog posts.  Scary Mommy, a humor site, and Modern Parent Messy Kids, a creative resource site, featured my writing.  I enjoy reading their articles and encourage you to do the same.  Click on the links below.   Hopefully, I will post new material over the weekend.  I’m running behind because momma’s been traveling for work.  I need to catch my breath and regain my sanity.  I hope you are able to regain your sanity this weekend too.  I’ll write soon!

Scary Mommy

P.S.  If you are looking for a good read over the weekend, check out Momastery’s latest post.  It’s full of beautiful, honest words for your soul.

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