When to Start Baby Massage?


After baby born, the first baby massage is an important activity done by a doctor to have a proper body growth. However, you should be very careful and not touch a navel area. Actually, you should wait 4 to 7 days until their umbilical cord end drops off. According to the scientific research, massaging the premature babies has numerous advantages for them. Usually, the premature babies have increased pulse rates, when they are taken care of at the hospital routinely. Also, their oxygen level decreases as well, which means there is distress.

When you are massaging a premature baby, you have to discover the best oil for baby massage that helps to reduce their pulse rates and also improves their oxygen levels. This means the baby discovers the massaging relaxing, calming and soothing. When it comes to beginning the baby massage at the right time, here are some essential things to consider:

Massaging environment

The warm rooms are an ideal place for baby massages. Even 26 degrees is a perfect room temperature for the baby massage. Actually, babies lose more heat very fast, when they are uncovered and also applying oil on them will also lesser their body heat a lot more. The area, where you massage your baby must be very quiet and peaceful. You just turn off the television and ensure that no in the room is louder or causing interruption. In performing so, both parents and their baby will highly enjoy the massage. With no other interruptions, the parents can focus 100% on their baby as well as their baby can focus 100% on their parents. Hence, this will highly strengthen the bond between them.

Best time for baby massages

Normally, the best time to massage a baby is when they are awake and pleasure. Most of the parents massage their babies after giving a bath and your baby gets relaxed. During this massaging time, the parents should be silent, if they are not, there might be a chance that the baby will absorb the negative feelings, so the parent might get hurt.

Moreover, it is highly recommended not to massage a baby, after they have eaten. So, it is good to wait an hour or so later, otherwise it may cause vomiting to them. In addition to, you can ensure that your baby is well feed, before you massage them. If they are hungry while massaging them, this may create them feel more stressed and unsettled.

Length of a baby massage

The baby massages usually tend to last around 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Actually, the babies are not very big, so massaging them is very fast and simple too. If you are beginning this massage for your baby, it may take a little bit longer; because it takes some to study the techniques and followed to use. You should also practice and study many techniques by just enrolling into the baby massage classes.

How often to provide the baby massages

Normally, the baby massages must be provided daily with each session that lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. However, 15 minutes will be more beneficial for the parents as well as the baby. If you cannot massage your baby on a regular basis, you can massage your baby at least three times per week.

Best oils for baby massage

The massages must be applied on the plain skin of a baby. For baby massage, using the best oil can be used to support the hands move very smoothly all over the baby’s body without even any rubbing.


Applying pressure

When you are massaging the tiny areas on the body of your babies, the pressure you must apply is very similar to when you close your eyes and also press them together without even any discomfort. When you massage on the small areas on the body of your baby, you just use your finger tips and while massage your large areas, you must use your palms.

Other notes

  • Assure to be careful in choosing the best oil for baby massage, when you are choosing up your baby while they are oiled up
  • Avoid utilizing the aromatherapy oils, except you are accurately trained or have aroma therapist with you
  • If you trust that your child is allergic to nuts, you can simply utilize the nut oil free products

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